1st Grade

Mrs. Postlewaite

1st Grade teacher

Mrs. Postlewaite has taught at MCS since 1998. She has impacted many students throughout the years which results in teaching the second generation of alumni. She shapes her classroom in creative, engaging, and structured lesson plans that encourages her class to thrive on learning.

– Helps a student see the links between two sounds, and how to pronounce words easily. Students learn 132 special sounds.

It improves your students spelling and reading ability.

 – It trains students to decode complex words, & how to pronounce words easily.

– Students learn to mark vowels and circling suffixes, completing sentences, filling in missing letters, matching rhyming words, solving puzzles and riddles, and more. 

– It will improve each students reading comprehension and speed, while setting a lifelong love for reading.

– Builds on prior learning and presents new concepts in an orderly fashion with consistent review.

–  Grade 1 concepts include counting, writing and reading numbers, place value, addition and subtraction, money, graphs, measurement, time, temperature, and fractions.

The 1st grade is taught phonics and blends which establishes a great foundation in reading. They learn Biblical characteristics, cooperation, communication, and self-control which will benefit each student for years to come. Simple math problems, sentence form, spelling words, basic science, and Bible are the main topics taught throughout the year. Weekly Chapel services are participated by grades K5-5th.

The 1st grade also has fun events throughout the year along with field trips. Clown Day, Glow in the Dark Day, Columbia Riverbanks Zoo and an outing to a local farm is always something each student looks forward to. Music, PE, art, and library are electives that the students participate in weekly.

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