2nd Grade

Mrs. Missy Reel

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Missy has taught at MCS since 2003 and is the wife of the Associate Pastor at First Church. She has a passion of serving others and gives her heart in everything that she does.

Students in the second grade have more responsibility, work in small groups, and can work independently. The students are able to sit quietly and listen for longer periods of time with the help of creative learning. Complex math fractions are taught and drilled daily, along with memory verses and spelling words. Students are more fluent readers and use decoding skills for unfamiliar words. Writing in cursive is taught along with Bible, science, history, and basic English.

Art, computer, library, PE, and music are the weekly electives. Grandparents Day, Thanksgiving, Clown Day, and other themed events are participated in as well as field trips.

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