4th Grade

Mrs. Lee Ann Sports

4th grade teacher & elementary supervisor

Mrs. Lee Ann Sports has been a dedicated and inspirational teacher at MCS since 1997. She conducts her classroom in a strong foundation in Christian Education and captivates ones imagination that keeps students engaged and eager to learn.

Fourth graders are eager to learn all about their world and reading will help each student learn more about it. Reading comprehension and vocabulary take a leap with the added emphasis on reading speed and comprehension skills. Students learn to spell, define, and recite poems. Daily penmanship, creative writing, and projects help prepare them for the next grade level. Fractions become a positive experience as Mrs. Sports uses clear instruction and extensive practice to build the basics of mathematical concepts. Nature and God’s creative genius is studied in Science along with good hygiene guidance. Geography and map activities are a class favorite as they learn about world.

Art, computer, music, PE, and other electives are participated weekly along with chapel every Wednesday. Field trips, special events, and school programs are always a highlight for students.

4th Grade Class Room

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