K5 Class

Mrs. Amy Barfield


Mrs. Amy has taught at MCS for 16 years and is loved by everyone. Growing up she had fond memories of her kindergarten year and realized what a difference it made for her love of education. She wanted to do the same for others and became a teacher.

Students learn how to identify letters in the alphabet and their sounds to form words. Bible and basic math are taught along with electives throughout the week. Letter-sound correspondence, phonics, sight words, rhyming and concepts are taught along with cursive handwriting in the classroom. Nurture your kindergartener’s curiosity in math, English, science, and social studies. Bring learning to life with

MCS Kindergarten


Kindergarten sets the foundation of education, and it has a huge impact on one’s enthusiasm of learning.


A structured classroom creates a positive learning environment where children know what is expected of them.


Cognitive skills,  

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Learning to focus for segments of time on basic literacy and math can be difficult for little ones. Mrs. Amy is always setting up projects on topics while using creative ways to keep each students attention.

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