Childcare & Preschool



Meet Our Team

Maranatha Christian Childcare Program

Our entire program has been developed from a Christian worldview, planting seeds of faith in children all through the year. Our curriculum turns play time into learning time, laying a strong academic foundation that prepares each child for the next level of their educational journey. At the MCS Childcare Center, each child will experience early success at realistic learning milestones.

Our Staff

Our Childcare facility and staff are registered with the SC Department of Social Services and maintains required inspections along with training and registration.

Caring Caretakers

All of our caretakers are mothers themselves and understand the value of family. We respect the fact that allowing someone else to care for your child is a very difficult task. Therefore, our caretakers work hard at developing close relationships with parents to maintain teamwork.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are bright, warm, and designed to allow children explore some of their earliest milestones. Sitting, walking, eating independently and early language skills are very important to master. The classroom invites the children to develop independence, confidence, and a sense of community.

Our Nursery & Crawlers

“Home Away from Home”

Infants learn best through trial and error, repetition, identification, and imitation. To encourage this type of learning we provide an environment that is safe, stimulating, and emotionally supportive so that infants can begin investigating and exploring their world.


Play is important for newborn cognitive development. Talking, reading, singing, exploring outdoors, and being held are important key factors to help each child as they reach milestones. Bright colors are introduced along with different soft toys and a routine helps a child feel safe and happy.

K2- Toddlers

Scheduled For Success

At MCS, we understand that two-year-olds are always on the go. This is how God created this stage and so it’s our ministry to build young minds for a future of success and fulfillment. Our teachers are great at fostering a love for learning, building character, and instilling a sense of curiosity. With a blend of academic excellence, creative exploration, and Biblical teachings, our hands on learning schedule sets us apart from the rest. Verbal, Non-verbal, musical, and colors are all used as cues for the transition to the next task. Having a schedule reassures the toddler what is coming next. Each area of the room is designed for a certain behavior which helps the little ones be in control of their actions and that there is a time to be loud and a time to be quiet and listen.

Christian Environment

A Christian environment is becoming more important year after year. It’s a comfort for parents to know that their child will be in a loving and safe environment. Our teachers see their job as a ministry, and they live for Christ both on and off campus. We see each child as a blessing and it’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of these little one’s growing life. Not only that, the teachers pray for their students not only for the present time but for their future.

K3 – Preschool


This age is eager to learn, and we understand that giving this group plenty of activities in a well-designed Christian environment is essential. At MCS, Our K3 program has two separate classes which gives our students and teachers more one-to-one freedom. Our teachers use projectors to enhance their lessons along with traditional educational programs. The Bob Jones Press curriculum is the best hands-on-learning curriculum with a Christ-centered view. Our three-year-olds are excited to learn and develop motor, cognitive, and age-appropriate milestones.

Electives With A Purpose

At MCS, play time is just as important as the educational curriculum courses because play is learning. Our K3 class also participates in electives with the purpose of expanding their creative knowledge and interest. Once a week our preschool participates in library, creative arts, and little musician classes. They also participate in a fall and spring program which is always a great performance.

K4 – Preschool

Strong Foundation

MCS presents an active, hands-on learning environment that includes individual and group activities. Our program has two separate classes to enhance the hands-on-learning environment. K4 also has weekly music, art, and library. We are blessed to have such gifted teachers that encourages each child to reach their full potential.

Preparing for Kindergarten

The K4 program is an exciting time as each student prepares for K5. Daily phonics, prereading, and math lessons explore foundational skills. The Bob Jones Press also uses age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments that helps them explore their world. By the end of the K4 year, our students will be prepared to work independently and confident starting Kindergarten.