Administration Team

Exercising Biblical Competence: A Consecrated Heart and an Educated Mind

Dr. Dawn Kirven- Principal

Dr. Dawn Kirven is the principal at Maranatha Christian School. Dr. Kirven is well-respected by the students, parents, and faculty. She is known for her dedication, fairness, and passion for her students spiritual and educational future. Dr. Kirven is always available to listen to concerns and offers advice when needed. Under her leadership, Maranatha has established strong academic achievements along with more effective opportunities for students and teachers. The 2023-2024 school year holds many opportunities for our students, and she is excited to implement them.

Dr. Kirven received a bachelor’s degree in music education in 1995 from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a full scholarship as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. She also received a master’s degree in education from Southern Wesleyan University in 2007. After completing her internship at Maranatha Christian School and John W. Moore Intermediate School, she received her Principal license from Capella University in 2019 and a PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration from Capella University in 2021.

“I am very passionate about education and have a love for Maranatha Christian School as two of my daughters graduated with honors from MCS and went on to pursue degrees in teaching and the medical field. I am excited and humbled to be named principal of Maranatha Christian School and I look forward to serving the students, teachers, staff, and community of Florence.”

Pastor, Lee & Julie Patrick

In addition to demonstrating faithfulness, encouragement, and great spiritual guidance to First Church, MCS, and the Florence community, Lee and Julie are a great team. The church/school has been able to take advantage of many opportunities because of their Biblical perspective and willingness to follow God’s will. MCS stands out from other schools because of their leadership, talents, and continuous focus on equipping the next generation for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Lee Patrick and his wife, Julie, have served at MCS/First Church for over 25 years. They both grew up in North Carolina, and their calling to the ministry was ignited during their studies at Southeastern FWB Bible College. They married and graduated from Southeastern in 1997. That summer, the couple moved to Florence, SC to minister to the youth at First Church. After five years of ministering to the First Church youth, they became the Pastor & Pastor’s wife at First FWB Church in 2002. Since then, the couple has dedicated their life to the ministry and continue to serve the Lord in the Florence community. They have two sons who both graduated from MCS and are married.

Associate Pastor, Chad Reel

 In addition to serving at First Church and MCS, Chad Reel is married to Missy, who serves God humbly beside him. Together, they have three children, one who has graduated from MCS and one who is currently enrolled at MCS. The couple are genuine servants who are well respected by students, parents, and staff. Chad is dedicated to equipping, serving, and influencing our next generation of young people for Christ.


Our ADMIN Team strives to EQUIP, SERVE, and IMPACT through Biblical thought and action. Each member is knowledgeable in their fields of study and have a deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ. Their faith is visible and life changing; they embody the fruits of the Spirit and provide such a positive impact at MCS. They don’t just talk about faith; they live it and strives to fulfill the will of Christ Jesus. With the constant guidance of our ADMIN team, we are excited to see what our Lord and Savior has instore for our future.