Our Memberships


South Carolina Association of Christian Schools

The South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS) is a private association of Christian schools in South Carolina.

American Association of Christian Schools 

the American Association of Christian Schools – is one of the leading organizations of Christian schools in the country. Founded in 1972 and now in operation for fifty years, the AACS serves over 100,000 students and teachers in member schools throughout the United States. The general purpose and objectives of AACS are to aid in promoting, establishing, advancing, and developing Christian schools and Christian education in America.

AACS American Honor Society 

Quality Christian education is a primary goal of AACS member schools. Outstanding educational programs are offered by AACS to help member schools enrich their academic programs. These include school accreditation, teacher certification, achievement testing, and others. The AACS is dedicated to quality, innovation, and excellence in education. AACS provides more than thirty programs and services to assist in running the most effective Christian school possible.