Middle School

Growing in Knowledge & Character Everyday

The Middle School strives to provide a learning environment which both challenges and nurtures our students during early adolescence.

Small Class Structure

Within our small, cohesive community, MCS teaches our students the content and skills necessary for later academic success while encouraging them to ask questions, seek creative solutions, and take risks as a part of learning.

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers feel called to MCS and are dedicated, passionate, and living examples of a true stewards of Christ. Our teachers are in cooperation with parents to meet individual needs and to instill good study habits, self-motivation, and responsibility to God, community, family, and self.

Christian Atmosphere

MCS is committed to providing excellent Christ-centered education with numerous opportunities for students to be well-rounded, confident, and prepared to use their spiritual gifts for Christ. Education is important but placing an emphasis on one’s character is even greater.

Friendships That Last

Christian friendships are important for middle school students. The influence of the right friends encourages and provides support in every aspect of life especially during the teen years.

Excellent Education

Technology is changing every day and so is the way we live. It is the goal of MCS to research and update educational tools, resources, and textbooks to better EQUIP our students for a future of success. MCS uses BJU in every core subject except Bible. It gives us the ability to create and modify the curriculum to meet the needs of every student.

Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academic success, extracurricular activities are a time when students define their identity along with being creative, building character, and having a blast.  Our electives and activities consist of male and female sports, visual arts, creative arts, community service, and much more.

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