Accelerated Christ-Centered Education

Maranatha Christian School and all Faculty are accredited and certified under the SCACS & AACS associations. Devoted to Academic Excellence!



The mission of Maranatha Christian School is to provide quality education in a Christ-centered environment in order to reach students for Christ and EQUIP them to SERVE God and IMPACT the world through Biblical thought and action.

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Curriculum is essential for effective teaching and learning. It provides a clear framework for educators to guide their instruction, and it ensures that students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Bob Jones Press

For all core subjects K5-12th grades use the Bob Jones
Press Curriculum.

We use BJU Press because it is comprehensive, well-structured, and offers a balanced approach to education. The curriculum is thorough, with a strong emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills. It provides a steady pace of learning, with regular reviews to reinforce understanding and build confidence. BJU Press also stays up to date and has different approaches for all students to learn. The activities are varied and engaging, promoting active learning and keeping students interested.

Bible Curriculum

Positive Action
for Christ

Bible Curriculum

The Positive Action for Christ is a nonprofit publishing ministry specializing in Bible studies and curriculum for Christian schools. Their mission is to equip Bible teachers to magnify the majesty of God by Biblical Truths. Positive Actions is used in 60 countries worldwide and is creative and engaging for all ages.

MCS uses the Positive Action Bible Curriculum for Pre-school – 12th Grade.

High School Additional Curriculum


MCS High School



Honor Classes

Beginning with the sophomore year, there
will be opportunities to take honors classes
in various academic disciplines that may be
necessary for admittance to certain colleges.


Dual Credit

Juniors and Seniors may enroll in dual credit
classes with colleges approved by the
principal that may be applied to the student’s


Class Ranking

MCS Class Ranking is based on the following:
-The South Carolina Uniform Grading
Policy (SCUGP)
-Ranks all academic classes at the
end of the academic year
-Rank includes entire class (diploma
seeking candidates)
-Rank is demonstrated on the official
transcript of every student
regardless of if they are using rank
to qualify for a scholarship or not