A Wonderful Environment

Where Children

Can Learn

& Grow


While the foundational principles of good academic practice and biblical worldview shaping don’t change, various tactics and tools (including technology) do.

Our elementary classes use Bob Jones Press which is flexible for all types of stages of learning. The classroom develops the joy of learning through both teacher-guided and independent discovery-based activities. Daily themed lessons with characters teach foundational skills that are supported with music and engaging visuals. They are given daily opportunities to develop critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration. In addition to the core subjects, Maranatha students are given opportunities to explore and develop interests in art, music, physical education, and technology. Our hands-on-learning not only sets each child for success but it’s foundation is from a Christian World View.

K5- When Curiosity Meets Learning

Mrs. Amy Barfield

Mrs. Amy has taught at MCS for 16 years and is loved by everyone. Growing up she had fond memories of her kindergarten year and realized what a difference it made for her love of education. Mrs. Amy sets the foundation for learning by making education an adventure instead of a chore.

Our Classroom

A structured classroom creates a positive learning environment where children know what is expected of them.

Our Education

Students learn how to identify letters in the alphabet and their sounds to form words. Bible and basic math are taught along with letter-sound correspondence, phonics, sight words, rhyming concepts and cursive handwriting.

1st Grade- Strong Foundations for Tomorrow

Mrs. Postlewaite

Mrs. Postlewaite has taught at MCS since 1997. She creates an engaging learning environment that meets individual students and establishes a routine for students to follow.

Our Classroom

Engaging lesson plans that introduce basic concepts, communication, and self-control helps build a positive foundation that can be built on for years to come.

Our Education

Phonics education helps students grow in reading comprehension which also helps each student prepare for spelling and sentence structure. Addition and subtraction, measurements, counting money and learning about the early American history are the main overview of the lesson plans. A scientific view of God’s creation from Bible Truths: A Father’s Care helps students learn to trust God and rely on Him.

2nd Grade- Empowering Achievement

Mrs. Missy

Mrs. Missy has taught at MCS since 2003 and specializes in educating young children while providing them with a safe and efficient classroom environment.

Our Classroom

Students have more responsibility and become independent. The structure of the classroom is organized into spaces, so students know their routine, and what is expected of them. Students thrive in this environment and develop great time management skills that will carry them through adulthood.

Our Education

Students will continue the narrative of American history with Heritage Studies 2, improve reading skills with two new reading books, and use math manipulatives to expand his understanding of number relationships. Science lessons, foundational English grammar, spelling, and handwriting introduce your child to a new world full of wonders to discover. Biblical principles are woven throughout each subject and emphasized in Bible Truths 2: A Servant’s Heart.

3rd Grade- Building Character

Mrs. King

Mrs. King started teaching at MCS in 2022 and is new to our MCS family. She has established a deep love for her students along with her colleagues and is an asset to the MCS team. Mrs. King inspires her class to reach goals that focus on building character, core values, and a deep love for education.

Our Classroom

The third grade holds a large expectation in academics and can be difficult for students to achieve. Mrs. King has an open-door policy and shows patience which helps students succeed academically and become more confident.

Our Education

The 3rd grade program maintains a multi-goal focus: teaching written and oral communication while incorporating 21st Century skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and technology literacy), all the while practically applying Biblical principles.

4th Grade- Unlocking Potential

Mrs. Sports

Mrs. Sports has taught at MCS since 1997 and also is the superintendent for the elementary grades. Mrs. Sports guides her students as they unlock many potential academic opportunities which motivates them to keep pushing forward.

Our Classroom

While the core of a Christian philosophy of education remains changeless, every year brings new research and new technologies that can improve learning outcomes. The broad range of educational technology options are endless and is used in the classroom as part of the Bob Jones curriculum.

Our Education

Students work toward better academic achievement and learn to apply biblical principles to everyday actions. Heritage Studies brings to life great movements and events in American history from the late 1700s through the early 1900s. English lessons refine writing, spelling, grammar, and research skills. Math lessons focus on practicing basic math operations, while science lessons explore the ecosystems, forces, and natural resources of the world.

5th Grade- Shaping the Next Generation

Mrs. Chard

Mrs. Chard has taught at MCS since 2021 and has the great privilege of shaping the next generation. She helps the transition from elementary school to middle school by providing them with an introduction to core subjects and opening more academic opportunities to enhance the students’ individual strengths.

Our Classroom

Providing excellent academic support to students, feedback to parents regarding their child’s progress, and equipping students with the appropriate up to date resources are some of the key classroom goals that sets our 5th grade classroom from other schools.

Our Education

Reading comprehension, math practice, and hands-on science projects with emphasis on STEM, along with Grammar rules, are reinforced as the student writes short essays and business letters. Heritage Studies 5 describes the period of American history between the flight of the Wright brothers and the Vietnam War along with experiencing biblical truth integrated across discipline.